AROMICS is a biotech company committed to the discovery and development of novel drugs and diagnostic methods to target relevant human diseases and improve patient’s quality of life.

We believe that OMIC technologies represent an important first step towards gaining biological insights into:

  • How drugs work, giving them added value, reducing attrition rates and advancing  through the clinic.
  • Determining clinically predictive molecular endpoints that help physicians manage the disease, drive prescriptions and monitor drug response.


05/21/2024 | Bioequity Europe 2024
Aromics will be present at virtual event of the Bioequity Europe 2024 conference... More

03/18/2024 | Bioeurope Spring
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02/14/2024 | EEN2EIC Cross-sector e-pitch session
Our Ceo, Dr. Plasencia among the speakers selected for the EENC Cross-sector... More

12/22/2023 | AROMICS among the 8 companies selected by MIT IDEA2 program
MIT linQ, an international biomedical technology innovation consortium based... More