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January 2017

Follow AROMICS: Biocapsules of Inkemia IUCT Group

AROMICS' CEO, Dr. Plasencia explains the development of NAX035 and the details of the crowdfunding campaign opened at Capital Cell. Visible at INKEMIA BIOCAPSULES.


January 2017

Aromics' CEO Dr. Plasencia, winner of the prize FEM TALENT 2017 for her career path

Dr. Carmen Plasencia, CEO of AROMICS, was recognized today for her career path, being one of the winers of FEM TALENT 2017 contest. FEM TALENT is focused on the activation of women's talent and the prometion of equal opportunities for men and women in economy, work and business.


January 2017

Aromics CEO, DR. Plasencia, one of the finalists at the Fem Talent awards

We areĀ  pleased of communicate that Dr. Carme Plasencia, CEO of AROMICS, has been selected as finalist for the prizes FemTalent 2017.The prizes will be awarded at the 20th of January of 2017 during the celebration of the Femtalent forum at the Technology Park of Barcelona Activa. Femtalent is an innovative platform that promotes equal...


December 2016

Crowdfunding campaign for a novel treatment for malignant mesothelioma

AROMICS Biotech has launched a crowdfunding campaign, through the Capital Cell platform, with the aim of raising at least 300,000 euros to complete preclinical development of NAX035, a novel compound for the treatment of Malignant Mesothelioma. Malignant Mesothelioma is an aggressive, highly-resistant tumor directly linked to exposure...

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